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Serving communities from coast to coast.

Thanks to years of working with clients on their destination marketing, we know how to navigate city and county governments, CVBs and DMOs, councils and boards. We specialize in finding that special something that makes one destination different from all the rest and worth a visit (or 10). Preferably during off-peak seasons.

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In Our Clients’ Words

“While looking for website vendors, I was completely blown away by Medium Giant’s repertoire of clients, quality of work, and level of expertise. I needed a team that could interpret my vision and serve as an extension of my organization. Not only have they far surpassed any expectations I had, but they have made this process incredibly seamless and fun. Each phase of the process has been timely, well-thought-out, and intentional. I fully intend to use this amazing team well into the future.”
Heather Daniel, CEO and President
Explore Newnan-Coweta
“Customer service and products are the best things about working with Medium Giant. From branding to the website, their team took our visions and created products that were better than we imagined. I get nothing but compliments on what you guys are doing, and I am proud to say these products represent Sauk County. Everyone has been so phenomenal to work with. We are excited about a long-term relationship.”
Brent Miller, Sauk County Administrator
Sauk County, Wisconsin
“Medium Giant’s insightful work helped us realize who we are as a community. They then developed a differentiated, authentic brand that will promote tourism and economic development to keep our community thriving. Working with the team at Medium Giant has been a very rewarding experience for us.”
Kristina Wiltgen, Executive Director
Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce
“Medium Giant has definitely made a big difference in the way in which we market ourselves. Competition is fierce. We needed to find a partner to unlock opportunities for us and challenge the way we think about ourselves. Medium Giant understands economic development and brought a swagger to our team.”
Kian Kamas, Executive Director, Economic Development
City of Tulsa
“Working with the team has been wonderful. They have really taken the time and energy to come up with not only a destination brand, but also a brand campaign that has legs and has the ability to adapt and change. My major takeaway is that this is a great agency. They are creative, innovative, and very collaborative.”
Jill Lind, Former Tourism Marketing Manager
City of Southlake, Texas
“Their creative process revealed an underlying theme about our core nature that we had not previously considered relevant to our brand. They wove that into a brand essence and identity that now serves as the filter for all the work we do from ad creation to long-term planning. It was a great pleasure working with this talented team.”
Neal McCoy, Executive Director
Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau
“With a brand like Vail, our phones are ringing with other agencies wanting to work with us. We chose this talented team more than 10 years ago and have never looked back.”
Chris Romer, President and CEO
Vail Valley Partnership
“We have a unique community of smart people with widely divergent points of view, and we asked for a single brand to unify us. Medium Giant completely understood who we are and what we stand for. And then they developed a smart brand identity system and highly creative campaign to represent us. It’s been so successful that it’s now our web address and even how we refer to the CVB.”
Joshua Schamberger, President
Think Iowa City
“From the minute we met with this team, they seemed to really get us. Bellevue is a part of the Seattle metropolitan area, yet we’re distinctly different. They built a brand and strategy to represent us as a premier destination built by futurists, rooted in the spirit of the Pacific Northwest that places every visitor on the verge of creativity, innovation, and style — where the allure of aspiration touches everyone we meet.”
Brad Jones, CTA, Executive Director
Visit Bellevue Washington
“These guys took the time to really get to know us and understand how unique we are. They gave us a unified, differentiated brand foundation and have helped us adapt to new challenges over the years. From carefully crafted messaging and highly targeted media campaigns to a responsive website, they have conscientiously helped our tourism industry grow in ways appropriate to this special place.”
Nerissa Okiye, Tourism Director
Martin County Office of Tourism and Marketing

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