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Advertise With The Dallas Morning News

Reach your targets in North Texas — and beyond.

North Texans trust The Dallas Morning News, the sister company of Medium Giant.

The Dallas Morning News provides news and information that helps people live better lives and become better citizens — including advertising content that serves as a valuable resource when they are making purchasing decisions.

That’s why our print and digital subscribers are willing to pay a premium price for access to our content and why being aligned with our brand is a powerful way to share your own story.

The Dallas Morning News audience continues to grow, comprising the most educated, influential, and affluent people in North Texas. Let’s talk about how we can help you reach them.

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A Storied Legacy

And an innovative future.

We’ve been a leader in media, marketing, and technology for nearly two centuries. But we would never rest on our laurels.

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But also the right audience.

Our print and digital publications offer targeted advertising solutions to reach your audience where they are.

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Local Roots

With extended reach.

Not only do we have the largest audience in North Texas, but we can also reach your customers regionally and nationally.

The Most Valued Source in North Texas

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Explore the ways in which you can reach your target audience by partnering with The Dallas Morning News. The media kit includes detailed information about our readers and their interests, as well as our newsroom’s coverage areas and accolades.

About Medium Giant

Medium Giant is a marketing agency with more than 110 divergent thinkers focused on helping businesses deepen connections, expand influence, and scale success. It is the sister company of The Dallas Morning News — a relationship that is particularly advantageous for brands wanting to connect with North Texas audiences.

Medium Giant clients have the ability to reach approximately 5.5 million people who engage every month with the most valued source of news and information in Dallas-Fort Worth, through an array of customizable print, digital, sponsorship, and native advertising solutions. However, we only recommend these solutions when they help our clients achieve their broader marketing objectives.

Our ability to put these assets to work in the right ways for the right clients makes us unique among agencies and news organizations.

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