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Inbound Marketing

The power of attraction vs. interruption.

People get bombarded daily — hourly! — with brand messages. (And the news can be a real bummer too.) So it’s no wonder we retreat to Instagram cat reels and TikTok cooking vids.

That said, we will pay attention when brands have something useful/insightful/smart/hilarious to say. If we get something out of what they put into the world, then a connection is made, a relationship established.

That’s the beauty of strategic content and, more broadly, inbound marketing. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, when you’re laser focused on the humans at the receiving end of your stuff, when you prioritize their needs and wants, they will opt in or seek you out — and perhaps one day reward you with a purchase.

Keep it up and they will too — not only by returning for more of whatever you sell, but also by becoming your brand evangelist. That’s the dream, anyway.

At Medium Giant, we like to help marketers like you realize the dream by earning the trust of your target audience and giving them what they want, even if it means not selling to them. Our inbound marketing specialists — in content strategy and development, search engine optimization (SEO), and user experience (UX) — band together to analyze your existing content stash and web presence, uncover what is and isn’t working, and strategize new ways for you to win — and win over — your next best customers.

The Company We Keep

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In Our Clients’ Words

“Medium Giant took our brand to new heights, largely in part to great leadership, communication, creativity, innovation, and organization.”
Michael Konradi, CMO, and Kelly Newell, VP of Creative and Guest Services
Cotton Bowl Athletic Association
“We brought Medium Giant on board to develop a new, innovative approach to our creative campaign, as well as our social media strategy and content. They have succeeded in building consistency across all our marketing platforms, from printed materials to digital interactive experiences. In doing so, they have taken our brand to new heights. Medium Giant stands out in their ability to properly navigate the current world of creative services. They bring an excellence to all facets of our partnership — largely in part to great leadership, communication, creativity, innovation, and organization.”
Michael Konradi, CMO, and Kelly Newell, VP of Creative and Guest Services
Cotton Bowl Athletic Association
“The people at Medium Giant are simply the best! We have been consistently impressed with their professionalism, responsiveness, and creativity in print and online products. They are the platinum standard in advertising.”
Virginia Hammerle, President
Hammerle Finley Law Firm
“Our firm initially engaged Medium Giant in 2020 to assist with redesigning our website and client portal. As a law firm, working with a group that understood professional services was non-negotiable. We knew Medium Giant would help us stand out while staying true to our core values. We have since completed the initial project and continue to work with Medium Giant. Everyone is innovative, engaging, and excited to help us accomplish our goals. Medium Giant’s work speaks for itself, and their team is irreplaceable.”
Stephanie Torres, Brand Marketing Manager
“Customer service and products are the best things about working with Medium Giant. From branding to the website, their team took our visions and created products that were better than we imagined. I get nothing but compliments on what you guys are doing, and I am proud to say these products represent Sauk County. Everyone has been so phenomenal to work with. We are excited about a long-term relationship.”
Brent Miller, Sauk County Administrator
Sauk County, Wisconsin
“The Medium Giant team is always extremely helpful and flexible when we need new creative to meet our strategic goals. Having a responsive team capable of quick turnarounds is very beneficial — especially when working in a fast-paced marketing environment.”
Alyssa Holmes, Senior Marketing Coordinator
Public Service Company of Oklahoma
“From the minute we met with this team, they seemed to really get us. Bellevue is a part of the Seattle metropolitan area, yet we’re distinctly different. They built a brand and strategy to represent us as a premier destination built by futurists, rooted in the spirit of the Pacific Northwest that places every visitor on the verge of creativity, innovation, and style — where the allure of aspiration touches everyone we meet.”
Brad Jones, CTA, Executive Director
Visit Bellevue Washington
“This team immersed themselves in our community to build a truly authentic brand to represent us. It has been working incredibly well for us ever since. From successful broad-based advertising campaigns to COVID-focused campaigns, our county has reaped the benefits of their work.”
Rick Remsnyder, Director
Ulster County Tourism
“Differentiation is key in our business. We believe we have a unique community, and we needed to find a group of creative thinkers who could quickly understand how to take our brand to the next level and allow us to compete regionally and nationally. The experience, passion, and creativity exerted on our account was exactly what our community needed.”
Charity O’Donnell, Executive Director
McCurtain County Tourism Authority

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