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Direct Marketing

The tried-and-true tactic is having a moment.

Eight out of 10 marketing managers report better results when adding direct mail to their digital marketing mix. In fact, response rates for direct mail are at their highest levels in a decade, prompting marketers to take notice.

The key to maximizing direct mail performance is a thorough understanding of specialized direct marketing techniques. That’s where Medium Giant comes in. Our data-driven solutions are built on the five strategic levers that determine direct mail success:

  • Audience insights. Our robust analytics tools provide in-depth customer and prospect profiles, valuable market intel, and comprehensive results measurement.
  • Messaging architecture. We help you identify barriers to conversion, overcome consumer inaction, and craft compelling messages designed to drive conversions.
  • Omnichannel strategies. We’ll show you how to support direct mail across multiple channels in order to increase overall conversion rates and improve ROI.
  • Best-practice creative. We apply direct response techniques that have been tested and retested over time. We’ll leverage that knowledge to help you maximize marketing performance.
  • Variable testing. We can develop comprehensive testing strategies designed to increase response rates and decrease spend, improving ROI by as much as 100%.

Find out what eight out of 10 marketing managers already know: Direct mail works.

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In Our Clients’ Words

“What your team has done is really incredible. You’ve created a visual brand identity that cuts through the noise in a city of 3 million people and a sea of venues. You gave our team the resources needed to execute a successful grand opening. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership with Medium Giant.”
Jeff Nickler, Senior Vice President
Oak View Group Arena Alliance & Stadium Alliance
“The Medium Giant team is always extremely helpful and flexible when we need new creative to meet our strategic goals. Having a responsive team capable of quick turnarounds is very beneficial — especially when working in a fast-paced marketing environment.”
Alyssa Holmes, Senior Marketing Coordinator
Public Service Company of Oklahoma
“Medium Giant has definitely made a big difference in our business since the day we started working with them. Not only have our sales improved significantly, but so has our brand recognition, brand affinity, and customer loyalty — even with a new name.”
Chris Ruhl, General Manager
Bravado Wireless
“Working with the team has been wonderful. They have really taken the time and energy to come up with not only a destination brand, but also a brand campaign that has legs and has the ability to adapt and change. My major takeaway is that this is a great agency. They are creative, innovative, and very collaborative.”
Jill Lind, Former Tourism Marketing Manager
City of Southlake, Texas
“These guys took the time to really get to know us and understand how unique we are. They gave us a unified, differentiated brand foundation and have helped us adapt to new challenges over the years. From carefully crafted messaging and highly targeted media campaigns to a responsive website, they have conscientiously helped our tourism industry grow in ways appropriate to this special place.”
Nerissa Okiye, Tourism Director
Martin County Office of Tourism and Marketing
“Differentiation is key in our business. We believe we have a unique community, and we needed to find a group of creative thinkers who could quickly understand how to take our brand to the next level and allow us to compete regionally and nationally. The experience, passion, and creativity exerted on our account was exactly what our community needed.”
Charity O’Donnell, Executive Director
McCurtain County Tourism Authority

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