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A Giant Classic

Medium Giant x Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic

Bring it.

Cartoon cotton ball named "Cotton Buddy" carrying a banner that says "Like No Other"

That’s what the 87th Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic asked us to do.

Bring a new audience to AT&T Stadium. Bring a fresh look to a Classic 87 years in the making. Bring the pageantry and the tradition of The Classic to the world through an immersive social media presence.

We didn’t just bring it. We brought the house down.

Here’s just a portion of the 706 deliverables provided to the 87th Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic and college football fans.

Here’s what our Cotton Bowl client had to say.

“Medium Giant took our brand to new heights, largely in part to great leadership, communication, creativity, innovation, and organization.”
Michael Konradi, CMO, and Kelly Newell, VP of Creative and Guest Services
Cotton Bowl Athletic Association

How can we help?

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Headshot of Medium Giant's Billy Kulkin

Billy Kulkin

Partner + Chief Growth Officer